Chiara Talia


Hello everyone!

After wondering about this for a long time, I finally decided to do it: start my website!

Why? I need a space to share my work, and especially a space to have my blog! Until now, I have been using Instagram as my main platform. But I feel now it is not enough anymore.

The overall aim is to provide you with useful information on birds and photography, to make your journey as a birder or a bird photographer somewhat easier.

This website will run in parallel with all the content I normally prepare for Instagram. So you don’t have to expect any change there. However, the blog will allow me to have a better way to share other things, in a different format.

Some of the content you could expect from the website is:

The website is still very much under construction, as this is my first experience with it.

Thanks for being here!

Amazing new content is on its way, just wait a bit and see!


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