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2021 in Review

Hello everyone,

what a better way to end up the year than a new blog posts? This has been the year in which my photography went from a casual hobby to much more than that. Let’s quickly check what I have been up to!

Discovering Belgium

This was my first full year spent living in the country. Belgium is small, but full of surprises! I have slowly started to build my knowledge of places, visit after visit, hike after hike, mainly using that fantastic tool which is… Internet! Location is a critical element of photography so this work has been very important. From my neighborhood to the province, to the other regions, I am happy to say I was around quite a lot and there are now many local nature reserves that I can walk through with my eyes closed! If I have to pick my best belgian photography experience of the year, that would be following the reproductive season of one of my favorite species: the great crested grebe. I remember perfectly the first time I saw their beautiful courting dance, and then the mating, the nesting, the raising of the chicks…

Great crested grebe in a foggy autumn morning

Antwerp, Belgium

Re-discovering Italy

In pandemic times, one should carefully consider how and when to travel…It was not hard for me to decide to travel only to Italy, where I could visit my family and friends. With my improved birding and photography skills, I was able to look at the place that I still call home with new eyes. And I was blown away by the amazing diversity I was surrounded by. Finding literally next to my house incredible species such as the European roller and the Lesser kestrel have filled my heart with joy. Another dream of mine came true: I have found and spent lots of time with Kentish plovers. During the summer I have seen the young ones spread their wings and fly for the first time. To my big surprise, many of them decided also to winter here and my autumn and winter sessions at the beach with them have resulted in some of the shots I am more proud of.

Kentish Plover

Termoli, Italy

Canon Young Talent

In October, I was selected as Canon Young Talent 2021 by Canon Belgium. This meant I got the amazing opportunity to present my work at the Photo Days, one of the largest photography event in Belgium. I gave a talk at the Canon Talent Room about Bird Photography. Since the main goal was to inspire other people, I decided to present “10 Reasons why You should start Bird Photography”. I know I am still at the beginning of my photography journey, but this has been the first recognition of my work and gave me much more confidence. Did you miss the presentation? You can still find it here!

Canon Young Talent Room

October 2021, Brussels

1 year of Social Media

I started my Instagram account one year ago. I have always been on social media but lacked a purpose. With birds and photography I found one! With more than 200 posts and thousands of stories, I think I have achieved my goal: sharing my journey, making birds and photography more accessible! I have not only shared my photos but also created informative content, like my 5 Tips to Get better Bird Photos or my guide on Birdwatching for Beginners. I have also started creating Reels, which are lots of fun! One of my latest is a collection of my 2021 shots: My 2021 in Review.

Ready for 2022!

What a year it has been! I am forever grateful and feel really blessed. I would like to thank all people that I have connected with and that are showing continuous support to my work. Thank to every single one of you who commented a photo, took part to my initiatives, messaged me or laughed with any of my stories! I will still be here, sharing what I know, making you laugh and hopefully inspiring you!

I wish you all a great 2022. Might it be full of joy… and birds of course!

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