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About Me

I am Chiara, wildlife photographer specialised in birds and teacher. I met birds during the darkest period of my life – and they helped me healing. Today I aim to inspire others to look at birds with different eyes. Photography is a powerful tool to reach people’s minds and hearts, and I use it to raise awareness on these wonderful creatures that surround us and our duty to protect them. Additionally, I aim to make bird photography and birding more accessible for anyone who is moving their first steps into this wonderful field.

Past Events

The Art of Composition in Wildlife Photography

27 June 2024, 6 pm (CET) – ONLINE MASTERCLASS

If when you’re out in the field deciding how to arrange everything in a photo is a struggle, if when you edit your photo you’re not sure how much and how to crop, and you spend time to go around versions you don’t like, this masterclass is perfect for you. Together we will focus on all the composition principles (because there’s much more than just the rule of thirds!) and how to easily apply them in the field and at home.


Mistakes in Bird Photography and How to fix them

27 May 2024, 6 pm (CET) – FREE ONLINE WEBINAR

Ever wondered why that photo didn’t turn out as expected even if your settings were correct? Or do you ever feel like something is wrong or missing from your photos but you’re not really sure what it is? We will uncover the most common mistakes I’ve seen after reviewing hundreds of photos from my students (and that I also used to make!).

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