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A new adventure: I have a YouTube Channel!

I have thought about a YouTube channel for quite a while. That possibility always seemed very far away though – I don’t have time, I don’t know where to start, I don’t know much about videos, no one will watch them anyway. These were some of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and that possibly many people will relate to. 

I don’t know exactly what changed but quite unexpectedly on a random night one month ago I created a YouTube channel. The week after I ordered a shotgun microphone and recorded an introduction video and posted, without thinking much about it. 

Why YouTube?

I have been creating short-form videos for quite a long time now on Instagram. Despite being primarily a photographer, my mission has also always been to share information on birds and bird photography. And I immediately realized that video format unlocked huge opportunities to convey my messages in a more direct and efficient way. Soon enough I faced a big challenge: the time limit. Currently the maximum Reel duration is 90 seconds – which are actually not many if you want to talk about a complex topic or tell a story. I guess it has been a good learning opportunity as I had to learn how to summarize. But still, at times I just wished I had more time to fully explain what I want to say. 

So I am now really excited about the opportunity to share longer videos!

The other major factor bringing me to YouTube is to finally make use of the bird videos I recorded! Yes, of course I could use them also for Reels. But it is always challenging to crop a video originally shot in landscape orientation to a 9:16 format.

Lastly, but not least I was really curious to explore YouTube as a new platform from a Content Creator perspective. The functioning of YouTube is extremely different compared to all the other social media I ever used.  

What to expect from my Channel

  • Vlogs: I will be bringing you in my bird photography sessions close to home or for my travels.
  • Bird/Wildlife Photography Tips, Tricks and Tools 
  • Bird Photography Conversations: discussing different topics from technical to ethical ones 
  • Gear reviews
and l have a few more surprise ideas I will reveal once I get to actually work on them! As I have just started, I really have to figure a lot of things out. 

My first Videos

The plan is to post a video every 2 weeks, normally on a Sunday. So for now, I have posted 3 videos:

First thoughts

Honestly it has been a fun journey! But let me tell you… the learning curve is steep! Talking in front of the camera was not too bad (I guess I had enough training with the short videos), but… I could never imagine how long video editing could take! There are just so many new aspects I never had to think about that are actually crucial for YouTube! Lights, musics, effects, thumbnails… it’s a completely new world. But until now, I am enjoying the adventure. 

If you don’t want to miss my first attempts at YouTubing , you can subscribe to my channel. 

Your support means a lot to me!

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