Turn your bird photo
dreams into reality

Learn how to capture amazing moments, improve your skills, and express your creative side in every image. Your journey to better, inspired and ethical bird photos starts here with this personalised 1:1 coaching program.

1:1 Personalised Coaching

Photo Feedback 

Dedicated Community

You will learn how to:


Choose locations, find birds and approach them ethically.

Master your Camera

Set your camera, understand its full potential and choose the best settings for every scenario.

Train your photo eye

Compose and frame your image, understand and use lighting conditions effectively.


Enhance your images in post-processing and create a consistent look for photos.

Who's the coaching for?

Beginner bird photographers

You have been doing bird photography for a while, but...

Birdwatchers who want to make memories of their encounters

You're a nature and bird lover with none to little photography experience but want to make your camera a trusted friend during your nature walks and to help you with bird identification.

Intermediate bird photographers

Cameras and birds have no secrets for you, but you want to bring your photos to the next level and explore advanced techniques, develop a personal style and put your work out there, including social media.

How does it work?


1:1 session

Based on your specific level, needs and goals, we will focus on specific areas and topics. These can include how to find and approach birds, camera settings, composition, light, photo organisation, editing and sharing your work on social media. The learning experience will be tailored to your level. 

Photo Feedback

You will receive detailed and constructive feedback on your photos on a dedicated platform. The review will ensure you understand what worked in the photo, including suggestions for alternative composition and editing strategies. Each feedback will help you understand how to practically improve your next photos. 




You’ll not be alone. I am personally here to support you, to answer all the questions that may arise during or after a photo session. In addition, the dedicated community with the other students will be a safe space to support each other along the way.  

Choose the best package for you

You can access the coaching in 2 packages: the Bird Call and the Bird Song. 

Bird Call


Bird Song


Waiting list


You will be informed when I will re-open the programs and you will receive a special offer.

hi, I am Chiara​

I am a bird photographer, bird photography teacher, content creator, and more importantly…an absolute bird-lover. Recently I quit my old job to pursue photography and teaching full-time. I was selected as Young Talent by Canon Belgium and I collaborate with several brands in the photography field. I am also brand ambassador of the largest photography store in Belgium. Over the years, I built a strong online community of wildlife lovers. This is me now – but my life looked completely different 4 years ago.

Back then I didn’t know anything about cameras and birds. I started with a small camera (which I still own!) and learnt everything by myself and I am proud of my journey – but I wish I had someone to help me figuring out the way!

This is why today I am offering this Coaching program, to share with my students my expertise and everything I learnt along the way, together with my unmatched passion and enthusiasm for the world of birds.

Student Testimonials

“In 3 sessions, Chiara increased my mastery of the technical elements of photography (camera as a tool, editing software, etc.) to enable me to create more beautiful, higher quality images. Her supportive approach created a safe learning environment which consisted of the one on one coaching sessions, session feedback and follow up, as well as on-going photo feedback online. She has opened my eyes to so much possibility that I'm going to sign up for more sessions! Gifting myself her coaching sessions was one of my highlights for 2023! ”
“I really loved the coaching sessions with Chiara. She was always attentive, making the sessions about my questions and needs. Before we started, I had almost given up on bird photography, but Chiara's coaching rekindled my enthusiasm. I had plenty to learn and practise between our sessions, which was a challenge, but perfectly pitched so as not to make it too difficult me. I've been a birder for several years; however, this short course indeed taught me to see birds with a new eye (plus I learned a lot more about what my camera is actually capable of). I would totally recommend Chiara's coaching - her skills as a photographer as well as her kind and thoughtful way of interacting with me made these sessions an absolute joy!.”

Embark on a transformative journey that will change the way you see and capture the world of birds


How does the booking of the Coaching work?

For the BirdCall, you can immediately book your preferred date and time for the Coaching session based on the agenda. After booking, you will receive an email with a link to a form. You are required to fill this form (about your gear, challenges, examples of photos) so during the session we can immediately dive in. 

If you’re interested in the BirdSong program, you will first book a FREE 20-minute discovery call. Before the call, you will also receive a short form to fill. During this time, we will discuss together your goals, to understand if the program suits you. Only afterwards, you will let me know if you want to sign up for it.

What if I am unsure between the BirdCall and the BirdSong program?

If you are not sure, I will be happy to discuss with you to understand your needs and goals and advice on the program that suits you best. I will also answer any question you might have. Feel free to book a Discovery Call (absolutely free) via the link under the BirdSong program.

How long does the BirdSong coaching program last?

As this is a personalised journey there’s not a strict timeline. You will have total flexibility in terms of session frequency and planning, especially because I know you have a busy schedule. However, it is advisable to spread the 4 sessions over 2 to 3 months to give yourself time to practice and test your new knowledge and approach. The last session has to be completed within 5 months from the start.

Why does the BirdSong program have 4 coaching sessions? What if I want less or more?

Bird photography is a journey. Based on my previous experience with students, I realised that 4 sessions is the minimum to allow us to go really into detail, understand what are your challenges, set goals and work towards them. This also takes into account time needed for you to practice and give us opportunity to review your work as you progress. If you are interested in a personalised schedule, please send an email to  chiarataliaphoto@gmail.com and I will be happy to discuss options.

I have just started and don't have professional equipment. Is this coaching still for me?

If you started yesterday, or plan to start tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. This is a personalised journey tailored precisely to your skill level to ensure rapid progress. There is way too much emphasis put on gear. Surely gear can be helpful, however it is just a tool. The best set-up is the one you have right now to start practicing. Together we can understand the value and limitations of your gear and set reasonable expectations. Some of my favourite photos to date are the ones I took with my absolute entry-level combination (a Canon 1300D and a 55-250mm lens!). Also keep in mind there are so many more aspects and skills that go into bird photography beyond gear specifications.  

I have been doing bird photography already for quite a while. Will I learn something?

The coaching is designed around your specific goals. So I welcome also more experienced bird photographers. If you look for refining your technique, get feedback on your work or help building your online presence, I got you covered. 

What if after the discovery call for the BirdSong program I don't want to start the coaching?

The discovery call is absolutely free. The decision to start the coaching happens afterwards and it is mutual. The aim is actually to understand if we are a good fit for the coaching. We will briefly discuss about your goals and challenges and you will be able to ask questions on the coaching program.