The Art of Composition in
Wildlife Photography


27 JUNE 2024 – 6 pm (CET)

Take photos that capture attention and tell a story

No more unbalanced or boring shots

If when you’re out in the field deciding how to arrange everything in a photo is a struggle, if when you edit your photo you’re not sure how much and how to crop, and you spend time to go around versions you don’t like, this masterclass is perfect for you. Together we will focus on all the composition principles (because there’s much more than just the rule of thirds!) and how to easily apply them in the field and at home.  

With this masterclass, you will always know how to compose your wildlife photos.

With the masterclass you will learn how to:

Decide what to include in your photo

and what to exclude

Identify composition elements

and use them at your advantage

Isolate and place the subject

to make it the hero of your story

Manage space

and arrange all the elements for balance

Use light and colours

for greater visual impact

Approach the composition process

intentionally from beginning to end

Who's the masterclass for?

Beginner Wildlife Photographers

You have been practicing wildlife photography only for a while, you take photos mostly intuitively ending up to like or dislike them - but without really knowing the reason. The masterclass will equip you with the necessary knowledge to know in advance why some compositions work better than others, immediately accelerating your progress in wildlife photography.

Intermediate Wildlife photographers

Cameras and wildlife have no secrets for you, but you want to bring your photos to the next level. The masterclass will provide an in-depth and comprehensive overview of composition principles and their direct and practical application in our specialised field of Wildlife Photography. This will help you to accelerate your decision-making process about composition, ensure you take the best photo in every scenario and develop your personal style.

hi, I am Chiara​

Wildlife Photographer & Teacher

I spent years learning and studying the theory behind wildlife photography while continuously testing and applying that knowledge in the field. So I understood why some wildlife photos work better than others and how to analyse every wildlife scene for the best possible outcome. 

l learnt how to see and to shoot intentionally and my goal is to pass on this knowledge to others. 

This is why in 2024, I quit my old job to pursue wildlife photography and teaching full-time. 

I am an award-winning and published photographer and I collaborate with several brands in the field, but my biggest accomplishment so far is the satisfaction of my students. 

Pressing the shutter is easy

Composing photos that are balanced and powerful is not. And this is exactly what you will learn in the masterclass.

And with the masterclass, there are also 2 exclusive bonuses!


Photo Feedback

You will receive detailed and constructive feedback on 2 photos on a dedicated platform. The review will ensure you understand what worked in the photo, including suggestions for alternative composition and editing strategies. 

Composition Flow-chart

An easy and ready-to-use flow-chart to go through the process of taking all the decisions about composition of your wildlife photos.


The Art of Composition in
Wildlife Photography

45 €

60 €


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Still have some doubts?

What's a Masterclass? How does it work?

A Masterclass is an in-depth 2-h lesson. You can join the Masterclass live on June 27 2024 (6 pm CET) for a more interactive session and the possibility of asking questions at the end. Whether you join live or not, the recording of the masterclass will be available to you forever.

How can I pay?

You will be re-directed to a paying platform via which you can use your card (Stripe and Paypal). If you wish to pay in another way please contact me at

I am not available on June 27, can I still register?

Absolutely! I decided to also offer the possibility of a live event as it is a good opportunity to interact with each other and ask questions. But from the day afterwards the recording will be shared with all who bought the masterclass so you can watch it whenever you want. 

For how long will I have access to the Masterclass?

The Masterclass will be yours forever!

I have just started and don't have professional equipment. Is this masterclass still for me?

If you started yesterday, or plan to start tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. The masterclass will cover all the basics of composition. There is way too much emphasis put on gear. Surely gear can be helpful, however it is just a tool. The best set-up is the one you have right now to start practicing. You will learn during the masterclass that gear doesn’t play a major role in composition at all. 

Isn't the information about composition available elsewhere for free?

Composition is a very overlooked topic in wildlife photography, with most of information available not going beyond really basic principles as the rule of thirds or limited to tips as “shoot eye level”. The masterclass provides an exclusive in-depth presentation of composition principles, starting from design to photography-specific ones with all the specific nuances of Wildlife Photography – with plenty of practical and real-life examples. The goal is not to give you tips and tell you what to do, but to equip you with the necessary knowledge to take an informed decision about composition everytime you’re shooting.

I have some questions. Can I contact someone?

Of course, please send an email to and I will be happy to answer.