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Discover the Beauty of Local Wildlife Photography
You don't have to travel for wildlife photography. These are the best lessons I learnt practicing local...
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Birding and bird photography in Molise, Italy
Come with me to explore the hidden birding gem of Molise, Italy, where the countryside offers a great...
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Birds of Greece - exploring Athens and beyond
Come with me to explore the hidden birding gem of Greece, just outside of Athens. The countryside offers...
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The 4 things to know before starting Bird Photography
These are the 4 things I wish I knew when I first started bird photography. Be surprised about the power...
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I was interviewed by the Casual Birder Podcast!
During our conversation, I share how a chance encounter with a European robin made me fall in love with...
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Michaelmas Cay birds
Michaelmas Cay: a bird paradise in the Great Barrier Reef
Michaelmas Cay is a sand cay in the Great Barrier Reef (Australia) and a major habitat for seabirds,...
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A new adventure: I have a YouTube Channel!
It is time to join YouTube!
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Bird photography and birdwatching in Daintree and Atherton Tablelands (Queensland): a tropical paradise
Exploring the raw, wild and remote rainforests of Far North Queensland, home to many and unique birds.
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Birdwatching and Bird Photography in Australia: my itinerary and how I planned it
Planning a super personalized birding and bird photography itinerary in such a diverse country as Australia...
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Exploring northern France bird hot-spots: Parc du Marquenterre and Cap Blanc Nez
Back in July, I decided to organize a weekend bird-related trip. As I departed from the northern part...
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