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I was interviewed by the Casual Birder Podcast!

Earlier this year I received an unexpected message on Instagram. I was asked to be a guest at the The Casual Birder Podcast. 

It was my first ever participation in a podcast – so I was excited but also a bit nervous! But all of that immediately went away when I met Suzy, the wonderful podcast’s host who made me feel at ease from the very first moment. 

In her podcast, Suzy shares the joy of birdwatching, from her garden in UK to birds seen in her travels around the world, while also interviewing experts and bird enthusiasts from all over the world.  

During our conversation, I share how a chance encounter with a European robin made me fall in love with birding and photography, in a time I was really struggling with mental health. I also talk about some of my favourite bird moments to date, as using a floating hide in Slovenia and my search for the huge Southern cassowary in Australia. 


Little bittern photo taken from a floating hide
Great white egret taken from a floating hide
Southern cassowary spotted from the car in Australia
Southern cassowary high-key portrait

 Listen to the episode on Spotify below:

You can also listen on the podcast website or on Apple podcast.

It was truly an amazing experience, as nothing gives me more joy than talking about birds and photography with like-minded people. And even if you don’t want to listen at the episode in which I was guest as you are tired of hearing my stories, I still really recommend every bird lover to listen to the Casual Birder Podcast!


Talk to you soon,


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  1. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with you for the show, and I know my listeners loved hearing your stories! I think you inspired a few to now try photographing the birds they see.

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