Bring your
bird photography to the next level


The 1:1 coaching journey to get better, inspired and ethical bird photos 

If you just started taking bird photos, or if you have been doing for a while but are willing to build your skills, this program is for you. 

Gear needed? The one you already have.

You will learn about:


Choose locations and find and approach birds, responsibly.

On the field

Master your gear and settings. Compose images that tell a story and use light to make the most out of every opportunity.


Use post-processing to bring back the scene as you saw it or work more creatively and develop your personal style.


Showcase your work on social media and build your online presence.


Bird photography is challenging

Have you ever asked yourself why birds appear always too far away, why your photos are not sharp and why even after editing the result just doesn’t look right? Birds are wonderful creatures – but they are not an easy subject.

Also these questions don’t sound new to me, because at the beginning, I was also struggling to get bird photos I was happy with. After years of practice, studying birds and their behaviour and perfecting my skills around the world, I realised that the way we approach bird photography can make all the difference. 

If you thought that your gear is what makes bird photography successful, it is time to change mindset, and invest time on yourself and your skills.

How does it work

3 Coaching 1:1 Sessions

Each coaching session lasts 1h. The specific topics and level will be tailored based on your specific needs and goals. I'll guide you through every step.

Topics covered include:

- How to find, approach birds and/or how to use hides responsibly and ethically
- How to master your gear and settings to make the most out of every scenario
- How to compose your images, use light and tell a story
- How to organize your photos
- How to edit your photos, with step-by-step tutorials
- How to share your work on social media
- How to critically evaluate your work

You will receive constructive feedback on your work. I will help you identify areas for improvement and celebrate your successes, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.​

In addition you’ll get extra bonuses:

Session recordings

Unlimited access to the recordings, so you can re-watch if needed and follow the tutorials at your own pace

Ongoing Chat support

Between and after sessions, you can message Chiara, send your results, ask questions and get feedback throughout the coaching time and up to 1 month after the coaching ends.

3 Coaching sessions + bonuses  =


Chiara Talia

Hi, I am Chiara. I am a bird photographer, content creator, speaker and more importantly…an absolute bird-lover. I was selected as Young Talent by Canon Belgium and I collaborate with several brands in the photography field. Over the years, I built a strong community of wildlife lovers. This is me now – but my life looked completely different 4 years ago.

Back then I didn’t know anything about cameras and birds. I learnt everything by myself and I am proud of my journey – but I wish I had someone to help me figuring out the way!

This is why today I am offering this Coaching program, to share with my students my expertise and everything I learnt along the way, together with my unmatched passion and enthusiasm for the world of birds.

Read What My Community Says About My Content

Thank you for your inspirational words and knowledge. You are able to present what could be very complex ideas/situations in a manner that I have not experienced before. I have enjoyed seeing your photos on Instagram and the fact that you share some of your personal back story, one which many of us are familiar with. Again, thank you for your inspiration and shared passion.

(Feedback from my Webinar "Getting Started with Bird Photography")

When I discovered your Instagram account, I was amazed by your photos, humour and enthusiasm. You clearly have expertise, so I attended your webinar, learnt a lot and fell in love with Bird Photography. You give a lot and always stay authentic. One can see you're in this with all your heart.

(Feedback from my Webinar "Getting Started with Bird Photography")

You have a real passion for photography and a great ability to pass those skills on to others who wish to learn, I know this personally as since following you I have learnt a great deal not just about how to use my camera to take photos but also about the process of planning what I want to photograph when and where to get the best possible results. After watching your reels and webinar, I have a better understanding of the camera itself and how to get the best out of the settings.

(Feedback from my Webinar "Getting Started with Bird Photography")

I've learnt so much from your posts! I think a lot differently about what I am doing. I think it has helped me significantly in the last few months.

(Feedback received via direct message on Instagram)

Embark on a transformative journey that will change the way you see and capture the world of birds.



How long does the coaching last?

As this is a personalised journey there’s not a strict timeline. However, it is advisable to spread the 3 sessions over 1 to 2 months to give yourself time to practice and test your new knowledge and approach. The last session has to be completed within 3 months from the start.

I have just started and don't have professional equipment. Is this coaching still for me?

If you started yesterday, or plan to start tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. This is a personalised journey tailored precisely to your skill level to ensure rapid progress. There is way too much emphasis put on gear. Surely gear can be helpful, however it is just a tool. The best set-up is the one you have right now to start practicing. Together we can understand the value and limitations of your gear and set reasonable expectations. Some of my favourite photos to date are the ones I took with my absolute entry-level combination (a Canon 1300D and a 55-250mm lens!). Also keep in mind there are so many more aspects and skills that go into bird photography beyond gear specifications.  

I have been doing bird photography already for quite a while. Will I learn something?

The coaching is designed around your specific goals. So I welcome also more experienced bird photographers. If you look for refining your technique, get feedback on your work or help building your online presence, I got you covered. 

Why 3 coaching sessions? What if I want less or more?

Bird photography is a journey. Having 3 sessions will allow us to go really into detail, understand what are your challenges, set goals and work towards them. This also takes into account time needed for you to practice and give us opportunity to review your work as you progress. If you are interested in a one-time coaching session or longer coaching, please send an email to and I will be happy to discuss options.

What if after the discovery call I don't want to start the coaching?

The discovery call is absolutely free. The decision to start the coaching happens afterwards and it is mutual. The aim is actually to understand if we are a good fit for the coaching. We will briefly discuss about your goals and challenges and you will be able to ask questions on the coaching program. 

Chiara Talia – Bird Photography